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Maximizing Results With the XSTANCE Plantar Fasciitis Bundle

e’re going to cut straight to the point, so you can cut the mustard in your journey to pain-free feet.

You’re here because plantar fasciitis (PF) has some sort of hold on your life. Whether it's a mild discomfort or a sharp shooting pain, the verdict is clear - it needs to end.

And it needs to end now.

If not, you could be opening up the door to further health complications down the line. Like joint misalignment, chronic pain, and even back problems.

Who knew your feet could play such an important role in the health of your entire body?

We did.

It’s exactly why we knuckled down for months and created the XSTANCE Plantar Fasciitis Bundle. Based on clinical evidence and inspired by a holistic approach to therapy, we can proudly say there’s no other treatment this comprehensive.

6 products to tackle the 6 most important aspects of recovery from PF.

Here’s how to use each one for faster, more effective results on your journey to pain-free feet.

How To Best Use The XSTANCE Plantar Fasciitis Bundle


The crowning glory of XSTANCE and our all-time best selling product. Follow these steps for maximum comfort:

  • Completely remove your shoe’s factory insoles and replace with XSTANCE Insoles
  • Doesn’t quite fit? A small amount of material may need to be trimmed from the front end. Copy the shape of your shoe factory insoles and cut your XSTANCE insole with scissors for a perfect match
  • XSTANCE Insoles may feel strange initially, but that's a good thing! At first, wear them in 2 hour increments and gradually increase until you become accustomed to the dreamlike support. In a few days, they’ll feel natural, and ready for use all day long.
  • Use XSTANCE insoles in your boots, shoes, sneakers to stand or walk comfortably for longer periods.

Xstance insoles 2.0

Night Splint

When you’re chilling on the couch or catching up on sleep, our Night Splint was made for moments like these. Use it at any chance you get to speed up recovery time and improve foot health.

  • To put it on, place the brace on the floor and place your foot inside.
  • Close the buckles from the bottom to the top. Adjust the velcro straps to keep the brace securely positioned on your foot.
  • Finally, tighten the side straps to ensure the best stability.

This night splint can be worn on either foot. We recommend to start without using the included wedge. Once your feet become accustomed to the intensity of the stretch, you can increase it by sliding the wedge into the brace. The deeper you slide the wedge, the lower the angle you set and the more your plantar fascia is stretched.

Note: Night splints are not designed for walking long distances. If you plan on taking more than a few steps, please remove it.

night splint

Heel Guards

Soft, simple, wildly effective - this protective product promises a plush experience for the stressed out heels.

To put them on:

  • Stretch the soft material of the heel guard around your foot and pull on like a sock.
  • Then put on your actual socks and you're ready to go.

You can use these when you’re not able to wear insoles, e.g. while walking barefoot or in shoes without Xstance insoles - the choice is yours. Hand wash and air-dry only to avoid damage.

heel guards

Cold Therapy Wrap

A little bit of ice is always nice. This Cold Therapy Wrap is pure bliss, and provides proven relief from inflammation while promoting blood flow for healing.

  • Put the gel pack without the velcro strap in a freezer for 30-60 minutes.
  • As soon as the gel pack is cold enough, place the gel pack back into the strap and wrap it around your feet.
  • Ice your feet when they are warmed up after standing or walking. Good times might include your lunch break and another session in the evening.

This gel pack stays flexible in a frozen state so you can adjust the shape of the pack accordingly to your feet to reach all of the spots you want to ice.

You could even wrap it around your Prosecco bottle to keep it crispy cool…. But we’ll leave the creativity for uses up to you.

cold therapy wrap

Trigger Massage Ball

Use this to promote blood flow to all the right areas and quite literally trigger your cells into healing.

  • Put the ball on a solid surface and place your foot on top of the ball.
  • Move your foot forwards, backwards and in circles to reach all the painful spots on the sole of your foot, applying pressure to the muscles, but not joints.
  • Repeat this exercise any time during the day at least once for 2-3 minutes to achieve the best results.

Try this under your desk at the office, while watching the game, or even at the dinner table.

trigger massage ball

Compression Socks

Snug as a bug in a rug. These socks will stabilize your foot while also helping circulation.

  • Put the compression socks on first, then pull your regular socks on over the top
  • The more often you wear them, the faster your plantar fascia regenerates.

You can combine them with all other products from the bundle to achieve the best results. Socks are machine washable, but let them air dry. Never put them in a dryer to ensure the elasticity remains intact.

compression socks


Better Together, Effective Wherever

The true strength of this bundle lies in its ability to target all the problem areas of plantar fasciitis simultaneously, which means using them all in combination brings you faster results.

With that being said, any one of them can be used alone when pain crops up.

Or, feel free to pair them up. For example, wear your compression socks with insoles or heel guards and use the night splint, massage therapy ball and cold therapy wrap daily to give your plantar fascia the best chance of recovery.

One Call Away

Still confused about how to use any one of these products? We’re always just a click or call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance and one of our relief experts will walk you through each step.

*If any pain or discomfort still persists, you should always consult a medical professional