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XSTANCE: The Home of Radically Better Footcare

Step Into The Future in Bliss

What makes humans so special? It’s the answer to this very question that compelled us to start XSTANCE. Being the only bipedal species on the planet that walks proudly on two feet, we understand the importance of keeping them healthy. And that when they hurt, we hurt all over. 

So we created XSTANCE to honor our evolutionary past and nudge humanity towards better foot care to get more enjoyment from life.

giant leap for mankind

High Quality Foot Care for Everyone

For the hard-working people that stay on their feet all day, high-quality orthopedic pain relief can be seen as a luxury. While working jobs in construction, food service, and retail, our founders were shocked at the price they had to pay for high-quality insoles! When they continued their research and found that high prices were common across the entire orthopedic industry, they knew they had to step in and make a change.

At XSTANCE, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality foot care products at a price everyone can afford. We’re united by a belief that everyone deserves to walk, stand, and work without pain, so we take great care in finding the right products to accomplish that for you. Our strict supplier criteria ensures a industry-leading combination of quality, price, and adaptability that no other orthopedic company matches, and we’re truly proud of each item that we hand-select for you.

When visiting our site, we hope you take comfort in knowing that affordability and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. We look forward to providing you the premium orthopedic products you deserve!

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Our Approach

Engineered Precision

Our foot care products are engineered by industry-leading manufacturers and created alongside podiatrists for superior results. 

We Look Further

We stood on the shoulders of giants, drawing inspiration from innovative minds of the past to create a better future with our products. This way, we can look further so you don’t have to.

Embracing Modernization

Urban living has caused the human foot to become more vulnerable, and prone to stress and injuries. XSTANCE tackles the problems of the modern foot head-on to provide instant relief from pain and contribute to long-term health of the feet.

Data-Driven Design

We scoured troves of research data, case studies, and lab test results. Then we innovated and mapped. The result? A global movement that places science at the forefront of your health. 

“Trust your feet to bring you where you need to go. Choose XSTANCE to make it effortless”