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The 10 Minute Method to Stay Energized on Your Feet

Tired, achy, heavy legs are enough to slow anyone down. 10 minutes is all that’s needed to soothe away the weight of the day and bounce back from hours on the feet.

Designed for

recovery from standing shifts

Recovering faster from long-standing shifts

reducing swelling

Improving blood flow and reducing swelling

foot pain relief

Relief from pain and stiffness

soothing feet

Soothing sore and heavy legs and feet

“Do not look past this if you want to be more productive and active in general. I come home from work with throbbing legs, and this little gadget gives me Instant relief! It’s now part of my daily routine - even if I don’t need it, the compression just feels so good” *

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Joline Miller
Supply Chain Manager Yonkers, US

“I LOVE my massages, I get them weekly. But the last year forced me to look for therapies I could use at home. The XSTANCE Air Massage completely changed how I spend my time relaxing. 10 minutes and I’m in a world of bliss.” *

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Sandra Gonelli
Hospitality Manager Orlando, US

“Incredible tool for anyone who spends long hours standing. I work in sales and recently realized that recovery is so so important. This device works wonders for soothing and healing my tired legs. Game-changer!” *

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Mark Bloom
Realtor & Property Agent Michigan, US

Science-Backed Recovery For Workers Who Spend All Day on Their Feet

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Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet can develop limiting health problems - varicose veins, swollen legs, and more.

Luckily, there is a solution specifically designed for workers who stand for hours.

The XSTANCE Air Massage uses air compression and heat technology to soothe tired and heavy legs. 10 minutes is all it takes for better blood flow, reduced swelling, and relief.

The Healing Power of Compression

Tired legs can have different causes. The XSTANCE Air Massage uses compression and heat therapy that helps with:

Vascular Leg Pain

Swollen legs, Leg edema, Varicose veins, Restless leg syndrome

Muscle Aches

Leg and calf stiffness, Muscle fatigue, Foot pain, Poor circulation

Nerve Damage

Nerve pain, Foot neuropathy, Arthritis pain in ankles

Advanced Air Pressure Technology

how it works

4 carefully placed air cushions simulate the kneading and stroking of a professional massage, creating targeted pressure on stiff muscles on feet and legs.

The key is to improve circulation while draining fluid from the muscle.

This helps to loosen stiff muscles, and to provide fast relief from pain and swelling - making it the perfect recovery method for those who suffer from standing all day.

Spa-Like Therapy On Your Terms

3 Pressure Settings

Set the amount of pressure to your liking based on how you enjoy your massages.

2 Heat Levels

Adjust the heat levels as needed for healing tired, stiff muscles.

2 Soothing Massage Modes

Flick between soothing compression or the relaxing, spa-like massage mode.

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A Low-Cost Alternative to Expensive Treatments

With professional therapy being so in-demand, a single session can cost hundreds of dollars.

Instead of regularly spending money on costly physiotherapists, sports masseurs, and doctor visits, this one-time purchase can provide 10-minute bursts of sheer relaxation, lasting relief, and improved mobility.

Now swelling, soreness, and stiffness can be relieved from the comfort of home - for a modest price that anyone can afford.

XSTANCE Air Massage

  • A small one-time investment for your health
  • Get instant relief whenever you need it
  • Perfect for use when relaxing at home
  • Use many times per day without negative effects
  • Faster recovery with regular use


  • Professional therapies cost thousands per year
  • Appointments are time consuming and rigid
  • Frequent traveling can cause more discomfort
  • Hand massages can leave you sore and bruised
  • Professional massages aren’t accessible 24/7

3 Step Recovery Routine for Productivity

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1 - Get Home From Work

Run, swim, fly. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Get yourself home, hyper relaxation is waiting.

2 - Strap In and Chill

Wear the leg massager while watching TV, reading, gaming, crocheting, or any relaxing hobby you enjoy.

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3 - Surge Your Productivity

10 minutes is all it takes to help relieve swelling, pain, and heaviness in the legs and feet. Get ready for a new sense of wellbeing and productivity.

See It In Action

XSTANCE Air Massage

$149.95 (USD)

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  • Perfect for recovering swollen and heavy legs
  • Designed for workers to recover from standing
  • No more overpriced therapy
  • Helps with varicose veins and circulation
  • Alleviates foot pain and soreness
  • Better mood, energy, and productivity as a result


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Love It or Your Money Back

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Try it risk-free for 30 days. If there’s no relief with the XSTANCE Air Massage, or you feel unsatisfied for any reason, no worries. We’ll take it back off your hands within 30 days - no questions asked. Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Air Massage functions similarly to the devices found at hospitals, but at a more affordable price.

No, for safety reasons the shutdown is automatic and you must turn the device on again manually.

Yes, it’s possible to run the device on a single leg, but we recommend wearing the sleeves on both legs. Both hoses should always be plugged in, even with one leg.

Our Air Massage has an adjustable velcro strap with a maximum circumference of 20 inches.

Yes, it’s safe to relax with the Air Massage before you fall asleep. The device automatically shuts down after 10 minutes, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Yes, our Air Massage provides compression and heating for both calves and feet.

Use a clean, wet sponge or rag with a little soap and air dry.

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Choose Freedom, Choose Relief, Choose XSTANCE

Our mission is simple. To deliver real pain relief results, in record time, without the need for invasive surgery or overpriced physiotherapy.

So appreciate the journey. And keep being active, free from the pain and anxiety of plantar fasciitis.

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