Knee Support Brace

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Thigh Circumference


It’s no secret standing all day wreaks havoc on joints, ligaments and feet. While insoles protect feet and proper skeletal alignment, a knee brace offers extra protection and stability for one of the most injured joints in the human body – the knee joints. 

Extended hours on feet puts knees at high risk, but knee braces are a simple solution to prevent injuries, reduce existing pain and significantly contribute to their long term health.


  • Targeted compression stabilizes the joint, making the knee more resistant to shocks, strain, and load while reducing the swelling and inflammation
  • Effectively preventing meniscus, tendon and ligament injury
  • Included patella gel ring provides maximum stability and comfort for the kneecap
  • Velcro straps allow adjustment of the compression level for increasing blood circulation, reducing fatigue, and enhancing recovery
  • Side springs sew into the brace making it safer to bend which helps going down and up stairs
  • Slim, lightweight, and breathable design allows for all day use, even under trousers

Perfect for

  • meniscus, tendon and ligament injury recovery
  • osteoarthritis 
  • runner's knee 
  • general knee injuries
  • dislocated kneecap
  • knee bursitis
  • prolonged standing
  • carrying heavier loads
  • walking and running sports

Size measuring instructions

  1. Keep your legs straight
  2. Find the center of the knee
  3. Measure the thigh circumference 4 inches above the center of the knee 
  4. Select your size from size selection menu